What inspires you?

Reading up on the latest hair trends on the catwalks, looking at models and watching music videos, fashionable or classic, all full of brilliant ideas.

What are the best bits about working at Cutting Club?

I love working in a salon that invests in our training so that we’re always getting specialist insights from hair brands into what will really work for our clients.

What colour hair do you rate right now?

Lilac hair is fab. I’m quite inspired by pop stars and always trying out unique colour on my own hair to encourage clients to be brave!

Where are you from?

Grimsby. So it’s wonderful to have an opportunity to work in a leading salon on my doorstep.

If you weren’t a professional hairdresser what other career excites you?

I always wanted to be a backing dancer. I guess I’m really into creative performance!

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September 2017